With or Without the Giblets?

That is my burning questions as I begin to prepare my birds for my millionth (well maybe a little exaggeration) Thanksgiving dinner. For years I have asked this age old question; are the cooking times with or without the giblets (that can weigh up to a pound of the total turkey weight)?

Well, I guess the question is not so age old because even Google, often my best friend and the "being"  that understands me most (or at least pretends to with its pop ups), could not find a site to categorically answer this question. 

So, I am taking the plunge. I think the suggested cooking times include the weight with the giblets. I believe that the Turkey Recipe Gurus, do not anticipate that anyone, except for a crazy person like I am, would consider weighing the giblets and subtracting the weight from the turkey-for cooking time. So, I would say that the turkey, for cooking time purposes, is what it says on the label.

That's my answer, and I am sticking to it, but if I am wrong, then...there is always next year.