Who's to say what we eat at Thanksgiving?

I am so bored with it. I have been preparing Thanksgiving for so many years and, frankly I find it quite uninteresting. Clearly we have to have turkey (though not my favorite protein), and the rest? Give me a break!

For appetizers among other things we must have the salmon log appetizer; at the table-“roots Anna”, the smoked turkey, the roasted turkey the turkey cooked sous vide (lately), the lime and ice cream jello mold, various riffs on brussel sprouts, spinach, sweet potatoes  etc,, not to mention the usual suspects for dessert. You get the idea.

This year I had an idea-let’s have Greek mezzes as appetizers. It is a cohesive idea-everything works together and everyone loves it. I made the mistake of floating this idea past family members who were almost as aghast at this idea as the time I served oyster stuffing (can you imagine!!!-they were running for the doors.). THAT IS NOT TRADITIONAL (at least in our family) was, in some form, the basic refrain.  

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