Here's to good friends and good food

In my humble opinion, they both go hand and hand. nothing says good times better than a combination of the two. Today I experienced that with my friends all but one of whom I have known since either grammar school or junior high school, when they took me out for a birthday lunch. We went to a  restaurant called "Il Forno Caldo", also known as "Hot Oven". The food and company were perfect for the occasion. There is nothing like celebrating with friend who know exactly how you have looked most of your life with or without makeup.

My favorite thing to eat there is their calamari salad. Once, when I was in New York visiting my daughter who also loves this salad, I decided to make my version of it. Having some idea of what was in the dressing, but not sure, I called the restaurant, explained my situation and asked them to share with me the ingredients they use. Without hesitation they did so. Thanks to the generosity of spirit of the helpful staff members of the restaurant, my daughter and I enjoyed a close if not perfect rendition of their salad which I am sharing on this website,